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Make It Better with Toyota Kohki “Monozukuri Spirit”

What is one of the reasons for the high quality of “made-in-Japan” products?

We provide all-out 110% effort and high-technology for our customers, even to the point of being invisible with meticulous care. This customer-oriented service and high-tech design of our proud engineers is the driving force of “Monozukuri Spirit”. We are proud to be known for “The Toyota Kohki Way” in the field of forms, plant equipment designer and manufacturer for the precast concrete industry. Innovative and flexible ideas, customer-oriented designs, ease of use, durability, safety, high productivity and precision with no compromise… This is the Toyota Kohki “Monozukuri Spirit” Now it’s time to meet Toyota forms.

Since founded in 1966, Toyota Kohki Co., Ltd has been manufacturing moulds for precast concrete products and the related manufacturing equipment. Our company has grown steadily, accumulating technology and building up reliability among the customers.


The entrie world is changing dramatically due to a sluggish economy caused by the long-lasting depression. Natural enviroments are also changing due to rapid development. Despite these negative factors, we believe that mankind in the 21st century will create new value, and move forward symbiosis and harmony.

We are determined to contribute to the construction of a new society by offering our accumulated technology. In the future, man and nature WILL live in harmony with each other.


We are determined to work to realize such a future and a life worth living.

This is the idea of all of us at Toyota Kohki.