Precast Concrete Forms

Precast Concrete Forms ( Moulds)

Manhole Base Shell

This form is designed to produce a manhole base shell that has a base floor and straight wall.

The inner core is collapsible using the Toyota ‘one-touch’ system which is coupled with an adjustable base pallet that allows for production of varying base shell heights.

This form can be opened for stripping in less than 1 minute.


Monolithic Base Shell with Cast in Channel

This form is designed to produce a base shell with cast-in channels.

The quick change inner core cap allows versatility for production of various channel types . The inner core cap can be custom manufactured to any degree that may be required.

Examples include: 90 degree Right, 90 degree Left and 180 degrees and so on.

This form can also be produced with any type of mandrel for holding inserts. Examples include: Boot, clay pipe , A-Lok and Sand sleeve styles.

Manhole Cones

These forms are available in both Eccentric and Concentric styles.

They are also available with the Toyota ‘one-touch’ step insert holding system which allows for quick and easy stripping.

Manhole Riser

This is a 10-cavity form that will produce 10 pieces of the manhole riser in one pour.

It has a collapsible inner form and is very easy to pour and strip.

Manhole Forms with the Cast-in Steps

This manhole cone form will produce a cone with ‘cast-in’ steps.

It is easy to set the steps in position for pouring and the Toyota ‘one-touch’ retractable inner core allows for easy stripping.


Septic Tanks

Septic tank forms are available in sizes ranging from 500 gallons to 15,000 gallons. The versatility of theToyota septic tank form allows the capability of producing various volume and baffle configurations by using just one form.

Septic Tank Lid

The septic tank lid form is available with either fixed or adjustable height capability and various access hole configurations.

Utility Pull Box

The utility pull box form is designed with retractable ducted knockouts and ‘roll-back’ outer jackets that allow the product to be stripped in less than 5 minutes.

Storm Vault and Drain Inlet

These forms are designed with straight walls and include the Toyota ‘one-touch’ collapsible inner core. The base pallets are adjustable which allow the product to be poured in various heights. Another option is the ability to produce various wall and base thickness by using the same form. These forms can be stripped in just a few minutes regardless of the product size.


Box Culverts

Toyota can supply any size of box culvert form that can be poured in a variety of configurations.


Water Storage Boxes

This is a water storage box form with a collapsible inner form. This form can be opened and stripped by one person in only a few minutes.

L-shaped retaining wall

There are many types of L-shaped retaining walls with plane or designed surface. The designed panel can be set on the form and it is exchangeable for different design.


A revetment block called ” KAGO BOX” has the function of vegetation and aquatic organisms protection.

This aesthetic and environment-conscious product has superior performance in flood control and installation.

The form is with high quality, high productivity and high durability.


“Furusato” is a precast concrete product for revetment purpose and it is integrated by 6 blocks linked with a steel bar.

It enables the high flexibility and therefore high construction efficiency.

The side jackets of the form are very complicated and need to be opened carefully and widely when de-moulding.

Toyotaforms makes it possible to open/close the side jackets easily and quickly by hand without using hydraulic or electrical device.

Green retaining wall

The green retaining walls is a product used for creating green landscape by planting trees, flowers, or grasses.

The product can be stacked or piled up to 30 meters high.

Golcon Block

Golcon Block is designed as an ideal vertical retaining wall block specializing in safety, construction efficiency and economic efficiency.

It is certificated to be constructed up to 5.0 meters for the residential area (by Act on Regulation of Residential Land Development) and up to 10.0 meters for the civilengineering (by Public Works ResearchCenter).

Toyota provides the forms with high technology and productivity for making these products which has complex shape.

Egg-Shaped Drain

Egg-Shaped Drain is considered the best shape for water flow to let waste debris in drains flow evenly with minimal amount of rainfall. This mould is with “One-touch” collapsible inner core

Other Drain

There are many types of the drainage systems used in Japan such as U-shaped drain or Variable Slope Drain,etc.

Tunnel Segment Forms

These are super-high precision tunnel segment forms that provide ±0.01″ tolerance.

Tunnel Floor Forms

The tunnel floor panel is used for the high-way base in the tunnel. Normally the panel will be with 30′ in length and 5′ in width.

Elevator Shaft

Assembly Precast Concrete Elevator Shaft can be installed outside a building.

Installation takes about 5 days with the exception of the foundation work.

Since the height of this product depends on the floor heights of the building, the heights of the forms have to be flexible and adjustble.

Toyotaforms designs and makes the forms to be able to change the size and re-assembly in short time easily and safely.


Forms for railway

Toyotaforms also makes the forms for any kinds of concrete products for railway such as cable trough , balustrade , safety platform,etc.